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Learn Profitable Skills for Free in Lockdown with Free Online Courses (Hindi)

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Learn Profitable Skills for Free in Lockdown  with Free Online Courses (Hindi)

I have shared 5 Best Skills to Learn in the Free Time of Lockdown. You can use this time to Add New Skill for Free using Online Courses. The Skills which I have shared are very helpful and will get you through most of the Companies Interviews and will help you career-wise. If you will Use this Lockdown Wisely, You will definitely uplift your Overall Skill-Set and this will surely help you Monetarily in near future. All the Online Free Courses which i have shared in the video are available on the internet and can be accessed by anyone with a mobile phone

1. Blogging (Beginners to Advance)
a) aHref Academy Course for Blogging : https://ahrefs.com/academy
b) MOZ Academy Blogging Course (Beginner to Advance) : https://academy.moz.com/
2. Android App Development (Free Online Course) : https://shorturl.at/vxEQT

3. Web Development

c) JavaScript : https://shorturl.at/befQ5

4. Machine Learning (Python Programming) : http://shorturl.at/uwEVY

5. Learn Stock Market for Beginners : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSqi...

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