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Aaj ka jokes- आज का जोक्स - जोक्स इन हिंदी - Funny Hindi Jokes

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✌  Aaj ka Jokes ✌:
Zindagi se no cheez maange to aise maango jaise tumhare baap ki thi
I did not even know how to do it. 


How do you know ???
If you do not know what to look like, then you have to wait ...
You do not know what you are saying from your friend, please ...

No matter how bad the relationships are, but do not break them
Because, No matter how dirty water
Thirst can not be extinguished, but fire can not be extinguished ...

Now the relationship has become like a roti
What a slight flame was "burning down"

# New knowledge today #

Remember if a beautiful maiden,
Just bewildered,
On your adjacent seat
Come and sit down,
So understand that, 

"You are no longer a youth."

India is such a country: where it is free 

If you are getting a comb 
In the crowd of 10, 4 bales included thinking 
Let's comb your comb 
So come ...

Girls too 

Do household chores 
Speed ​​2G 
Licks eat pakodi and golgappe 
Speed ​​of 4G!

Regardless of how many English you learn but if 

If the dog is behind, then you will have to say a lot.

The world asks: 

To complete unfinished dreams 
what should be done ? 
Our answer is: 
Should sleep again ...

Nag Vaal from Nagin - My heart is your love I am blind 

Nagin dialect - Leave my thoughts beta my boyfriend is annaconda ..

These girls run Fake ID 

The boy is the same .. 
These girls have the same person running a fake ID

Whenever open Whatsapp, 

Does not seem to have Whatsapp 
"Haridwar has come ..." 
It is so simple that it grows up, that the mind becomes absolutely pure ... 
Salute to all Whatsapp saints 
# Chand Lane for the entire group ... # 
"Every minute we got a call from life, 
Occasionally not found every day. 
Just wanted a good friend from life ... 
But I got an army of full scholars. "

Ek bhikhaaree ek daravaaje ke saamane khada tha usane daravaaja khatakhataaya!
ghar ke maalik ne daravaaja khola aur poochha kya chaahie tumhen? bhikhaaree ne kaha kya aap kuchh paise dekar is bhikhaaree kee madad kar sakate ho! ghar ka maalik andar gaya aur kuchh sikke lekar baahar aaya aur bhikhaaree ko de die! bhikhaaree ne jab sikkon ko dekha to usane shikaayatee andaaj mein kaha jab aapaka ladaka ghar par hota hai to vah to bahut paise deta hai! ghar ke maalik ne kaha mera beta tumhen jitana chaahe utana paisa de sakata hai kyonki usake paas ek ameer baap hai!

Take heart love, 

Take the mind open knowledge, 
Open the eyes, 
Take lips smile, 
Open clothes ... 
Take a bath 
Change thinking then the country will change. 
Good Moring ..

Ek din daphtar se ghar aate hue puraanee garl phrend se bhet ho gayee; aur jo beevee se milane kee jaldee thee vah zara se let ho gayee; jaate hee beevee ne aankhe dikhaee - aadataanusaar ham par chillaee; tum kya samajhate ho mujhe nahin hai kisee baat ka ilm; jarur dekh rahe hoge tum sakretaree ke saath koee philm; mainne kaha - aree pagalee, ghar aate he aise jhidakiyaan mat diya kar; kabhee to chhod de, mujh bechaare par is tarah shak mat kiya kar; patnee phir tej hokar bolee - mujhe bevakooph bana rahe ho; 6 baje daphtar band hota hai aur tum 10 baje aa rahe ho; mainne kaha ab chhod yah dhun - meree baat zara dhyaan se sun; ek aadamee ka ek hazaar ka not kho gaya tha; aur vah use dhoondhane ke jidd par ada tha; patnee bolee, to tum usakee madad kar rahe the; mainne kaha , nahin re pagalee mai hee to us par khada tha; sunate hee patnee ho gayee lot-pot; aur bolee kahaan hai vah hazaar ka not; mainne kaha baakee to kharch ho gaya yah lo sau rupaye; vah bolee kya sab kha gae baakee ke 900 kahaan gae; mainne kaha : asal mein jab us not ke oopar mai khada tha; to ek ladakee kee nigaah mein usee vaqt mera pair pada tha; kahee vah kuchh bak na de isalie vah ladakee manaanee padee; use usee ke pasand ke pikchar haal mein philm dikhaanee padee; phir use ek badhiya se restorent mein khaana khilaana pada; aur phir use apanee baik se ghar bhee chhodakar aana pada; tab kaheen jaakar tumhaare lie sau rupaye bacha paaya hoon; yoon samajho jaanoo tumhaare lie paanee puree ka intajaam kar laaya hoon; ab to beevee rajaamand thee - kyoonki paanee puree use behad pasand thee; turant muskuraakar bolee : mai bhee kitanee paagal hoon itanee der se aise hee bak bak kiye ja rahee thee; sach mein aap mera kitana khayaal rakhate hai aur mai hoon ki aap par shak kiye ja rahee thee!

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