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Double Meaning Jokes: वो क्या है जो लड़की पहली बार करवाते हुए दर्द से बहुत रोती है?

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Girl ask 2 Pappu : Woh kya hai jo cow k paas 4 or mere paas 2 hai?

Pappu : Legs

Girl : Woh kya hai jo tumhari pant main hai aur meri pant mein nahi hai?
Pappu: Pocket.

Girl : Woh kya hai jo log din mein karne k bajaye raat ko bistar pe karte hain.
Pappu: Neend puri karte hain.

Girl : Woh kya hai jo larki pehli dafa karwate hue dard se roti hai?
Pappu : Kaan mein chhed.

Aap bhi apni soch pappu ki tarah saaf rakhein.

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